SHOWMETRAIN - American National Transportation System
This project combines three systems that we currently do not have in America. This 3 in 1 system operates on a platform built above the surface and constructed over connected routes from coast to coast and border to border. It is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly system that combines the following to create the SHOWMETRAIN National Transportation Grid.

SHOWMETRAIN will provide America with the greatest transportation system in the world. It will enlarge the middle economic class with good jobs and opportunities to start new businesses. It will provide competition to the airlines but not eliminate it. SMT will lower overall travel costs, and energy and communication costs. It will provide equal access to communication facilities for many rural areas too. It will use American Industrial Companies such as Boeing, General Electric and the Automotive Giants to build the High Speed Trains and compressed natural gas to power them. It will use our Steel Industry and many other large and small companies to build and construct the SMT Platform and all that goes with it. Think about it.

WARNING: How much worse would the current pandemic be if our communication and energy capabilities were to fail, regionally, or nationwide for any meaningful period of time. Many were surprised to learn that America is dependent on other countries to supply our medicines and supplies. So don’t be shocked when our communication systems fail or you experience power outages, because components and software systems involved in these critical systems are not all created here either. Friends, our current systems are susceptible to interventions from electromagnetic (EMI) and even foreign interference. Keep this in mind as you review the following and remember that the SMT platform provides protection from such interventions.